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About Breinslim Leersentrum

Inspiring Change

BrainSmart Learning Centre/Breinslim Leersentrum opened its doors in January 2015. It is a centre where learners not only develop their academic skills but are taught practical life skills to apply in their everyday lives on which they can build, to become model South African citizens. The Learning Centre focuses on the academic level of learners in the specific subject area they need to improve on.

Remedial lessons are also incorporated if a child struggles with the set mainstream curriculum. The remedial lessons are offered separately where the child is given the necessary attention in over-coming his/her academic hurdle. The experience we offer will not only equip a child in their adult life but improve their academic levels.

Through the years we’ve have numerous success stories. We have found that team work is the key to success, where the learner, the parent and Breinslim partners towards striving a common goal.

Vision :
Developing a child holistically in becoming stand-up South African citizens.

Mission :

Improve the child’s academic level where he/she will experience confidence and growth in their school career as successful learners.

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